Hohner Force Fire Melodica

Hohner Force Fire Melodica

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From Funk to Reggaeton, hot rhythms are an important part of the experience. Funky outfits meet passionate rhythms, fast dancing, and cool drinks. Of course, the melodica can’t just provide the right sonic backdrop, but has to look the part, as well. With the Fire Melodica, we have given our melodica a new look that’ll turn heads. Black and red keys and a shiny red body meet an airtight, sturdy construction and the typical melodica sound. A fierce design for a hot instrument!

  • A red body and black and red keys make for a fierce look
  • Ergonomic design

    Ergonomic mouthpiece and keys ensure comfortable playing

Tonal range:f, small octave, c, three-lined octaveLength:42 cm / 16.5”Weight:580 gColor:redPacking:plastic hard case